Friday, December 10, 2010

Generation 1.6

Yay!  Opal's about to age in to a toddler!  We'll come back to this.  First let's take a look at the events which were about to occur.

Silly me didn't notice Acrylia was cooking when i told her to carry Opal to the cake, so of course it started on fire.  Just as Opal turned in to a toddler.

Here we can see Silena completely freaking out.  I was trying to get her to do laps around the lot but she just wouldn't listen.  Acrylia's brave trait kicked in and she struggled to put out the fire. though she did eventually succeed.  And last but definitely not least there is a hairless topless toddler sitting on the floor.

Anyways, here she is.  The poor kid looks like her father.  And judging by the last picture, their personalities are pretty similar as well.  I smell a spare.

Opal was walking and going to the bathroom in no time at all.  

For some strange reason I think Acrylia may not have enjoyed every moment of it.  Opal was completely oblivious though, so she's still a very happy happy baby.

Acrylia is going to her first day at work in quite awhile.  Those two pregnancies got her a lot of time off.  She's  level 8 in her career now by the way.  About half way to level 9, inching closer and closer to that LTW.

Opal put a lot of effort in to trying to become a Virtuoso like her big sister, but unfortunately that is not her destiny.

Evil Silena stole candy from her sister but gave Opal a hug afterwards.  She was crying and crying and wouldn't be quiet; this seemed to calm her down.

Acrylia called two repair(wo)men to fix two different appliances, but had to dismiss one so they would stop flirting and actually do their jobs.  The guy even had the nerve to charge $75 for socializing with a coworker.  

Before long it was time for Silena to turn in to a teenager.  I think she was a tad excited about it.  As a child Silena had Virtuoso, Love The Outdoors, Evil as traits.  It's time to add Flirty to that list.

Here's Silena right after she aged in to a teenager.  Not bad, but I like my sims to be flashy and stick out.  So after a couple of minutes and a make over...

Voila!  Perfect.  She looks like a great second generation heiress to me, even if she is evil.  That just makes things exciting and interesting.  Speaking of interesting, Acrylia decided to give love one more shot.  She invited over her new partner from work.

Things were just getting steamy when Silena came in.  She wasn't exactly impressed with her mother; but she was furious with this strange man.  

Silena lost it, how dare he make a move on her mother?  Doesn't he know she has only ever loved two men, and will only ever love those two men?  Their family is perfect just the way it is, and they definitely don't need a useless person like this lump.  Opal cried out, and Acrylia ran off to care for her.

The confrontation continued for quite some time.  Then Silena went over the edge.  She got physical.  It started with just a little slap.  No big deal.  The only problem was that once she started she couldn't stop.  Silena was absolutely livid and grabbed for the thing closest to her.  A hammer the repairwoman had left behind.

Completely crazed, Silena prepared to strike this man down.

She made her move.  He drop to his knees for a moment and reached out for help.  Silena stood there with a grin on her face and watched him die.  She felt satisified.  She was proud of herself, of what she had done.

She burned the body, and just stared at the ashes on the floor.  Acrylia had heard the scream and came running out of the nursery.

She whimpered and broke in to tears.  Acrylia promised herself she would never become involved with another man.  It wouldn't be fair to the man, or to her.  She would live the rest of her life with her family; and her family only.

Comments?  Suggestions? Questions?  Opinions?

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  1. So, Silena has some serious issues. Wouldn't she want her mother to be happy.

    She's going to be an interesting heiress!


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