Monday, December 6, 2010

Generation 1.3

Well here she is eating her sandwich on the toilet.  She had to get it repaired and she didn't have enough money to pay the repairman...  He took her only chair.  Acrylia lives in a cruel world.

She finally got a sink, and autonomously started to clean up her lot.  I lined them up real nicely just for her...
Now on to the good stuff!

Acrylia and Silas hit a rough patch shortly after my last post.  He always said "I don't feel like coming over right now.  Sorry." when she invited him over.  With that biological clock of her's steadily ticking onwards, Acrylia decided do take matters in to her own hands.  When she arrived at his place, he wasn't exactly full of excitement.  Even though their relationship bar was full he wouldn't be flirty.  Acrylia went home disappointed and discouraged.

Later that week she invited him over and in one quick wave of passion, Acrylia finally had that elusive WooHoo with Silas.  He hadn't moved in, and they were not engaged.  I suppose he was just a little depressed earlier in the week.

Once again, Acrylia shared a moment of bliss with the love of her life.

The next morning I spotted Silas doing this.  Anyone with Late Night will probably recognize it, but if not...  He's drinking plasma.  Yes, Silas Coburn is a vampire.  I had absolutely no idea until this happened the day after.  It was a little too late to do anything about it though because, well...  see Acrylia behind the thought bubble?

Pregnancy suits her, don't you think?  One of her children could be a vampire, (I did research and there is a chance it can be born a vampire, unlike in The Sims 2.  Kind of like a ghost baby i guess.)  I say "one of" because she has had the fertility treatment.  Mutliples in generation two, here we come.
I honestly do not even know what happened.  Acrylia doesn't either.  She is still a complete mess over this.  Silas said he had a great time and that Acrylia should call him again soon.  Immediately after I got that notification he fell over dead.  He will be sorely missed by not only his girlfriend, but his unborn child(ren) as well.  Acrylia was completely distraught, though she was consoled atleast in a small way by knowing she would introduce a part of Silas Coburn in to the simworld in just a little while. 

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