Saturday, December 4, 2010

Generation 1.1

Meet Acrylia Kapibarra: Kapibarra Family Legacy Founder.  
Traits: Artistic-Athletic-Brave-Genius-Insane.  LTW:  Dynamic DNA Profiler.
Favourites: Pancakes, Roots Music, The Colour Red
Sign: Virgo
Sure she's a little crazy, but who isn't?  She may not have the greatest taste in clothes, but you've got to love her anyways!  She was a bit of a free spirit in her youth, but after being arrested she decided to change all of that.  She left Bridgeport to get away from it all.  Ex-Boyfriends, Parents, and most of all her reputation.  Acrylia decided to settle in the sleepy but rather wealthy town of Sunset Valley.  She set her sights on the top spot in the police force: Dynamic DNA Profiler. And immediately got herself a job as a snitch.

A birds-eye view of Acrylia's luxurious home.

She went to one of her neighbours across town (one of the few at home during the day.)  Acrylia rambled on about conspiracies and art.  When she realized her newfound friend thought she was boring Acrylia got a little unhinged...  She screamed and hollered about how horrible it was to be a couch potato.  Hence the double minus sign and cat-fight stance.

After that, Acrylia was feeling a little dirty and smelly so she pretended to be nice to the Crumplebottoms in order to use their fancy tub.  She went to work for the first time after this, and got promoted on her first day!  She knew this career path was the right choice.  She came home happy. cheerful. and most importantly... with a fair sized cheque.

 She bought herself a chess table because she really wanted one, and it would help her advance in her career.
She also bought herself an easel.  Being so artistic, she just HAD to paint the beautiful vista that was her lot!  And portraits sometime in the future, perhaps.

After work the next day she was stressed out.  So to cheer herself up she had a nice conversation.  With herself.  Sans the nice.  It was at this moment she realized what she wanted.  Why she wanted the top job so badly.  Why she moved to a sleepy little town.  Acrylia Kapibarra wanted a husband.  Children.  A family.  She wanted to start a legacy that would span 10 generations.  A legacy that would change Sunset Valley forever.

When Acrylia woke up the next day she was feeling a little gross.  I would too if my armpits were fuming.  She was prepared to flutter off to the Crumplebottom's and have some fun in the tub...

But then she remembered that she had bought a shower while asleep!

Thoughts?  Comments? Questions? Criticism? Toasters?
There's a box for that.
Constructive criticism only please.  this is my first time.  :)


  1. Awesome job! can't wait to see the next installments of the Kapibarra family :)

  2. I like your founder, she's interesting.

    I think you might want to try and redo the navigation at some point - it's OK for now but I can see it being a problem when you have a lot of chapters.

  3. Yes, I'm thinking of just putting an HTML box in there or something and linking my pages by myself.

  4. I think a tiny more detail and some dialog would complete this!


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