Sunday, December 5, 2010

Generation 1.2

What's this!?  You are probably wondering how she can make waffles without an oven.  The answer is simple.  Acrylia Kapibarra is now the proud owner of an oven.  She almost has an entire kitchen!

Then tragedy struck.  She set fire to the place while cooking her first meal.  She couldn't afford to buy a new oven so Acrylia's back to being moneyless and ovenless.  Poor woman.

  It was that night she decided to work towards her goal of having a family and starting a legacy.  She needed a man.  Acrylia may not be the most classy person in Sunset Valley but hey, to each their own.  She walked around town in her ribbon lingerie before moving in on an unsuspecting house, hoping to score a mate.

She found a man alright, but he was old enough to be her father.  Not to mention he looked like an old, chubby, Indiana Jones.  Without the hat of course.  Acrylia may have struck out on this one, but the night was still young.  And so was she.

She was a little disappointed but changed outfits and set out again.  Acrylia saw a house nearby that had lights on inside.  She decided this was her last attempt that night  After all, she's still chasing the job of Dynamic DNA Profiler, and wont get there by sleeping in.

This house was a bust to.  Apparently he was in a relationship.  Acrylia probably should have asked if he was single before making her move.  She got frustrated and started up an argument to try and take revenge.  He got a little pissed off.  A lesson was learned, and  Acrylia was sent home.

Over the next while Acrylia worked hard, got promoted twice, replaced her oven, worked on her home, and pondered her social life.  She was feeling a little depressed one night and thought that maybe she wasn't cut out for family life.  Her legacy dreams almost died right then and there, but she decided to give it one more shot and invited an acquaintance over.  His name was Silas Coburn.

Needless to say they connected in no time at all, and Acrylia's spirits were lifted.  She had such a great time that night, that even though it was a little bit soon she asked him to go steady.  He accepted and decided to stay the night.  Acrylia was beaming.  It felt like her life was finally coming together.

That night, when she lay next to him, she knew this was the man she was going to marry.  This was the man who would help her start an epic legacy.  They would make history together.

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  1. Wow, she's got a cop car already? She must be moving up her job quickly.

  2. That she is. So any tips for the blogging? And the next post which will be up within the hour has plenty of Drama. None of it was planned, though.


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