Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Generation 1.5

Sorry, I thought they would make good icebreakers.  I love this child.  Haha :)

Anyways, while Acrylia was teaching Silena to walk, talk, and go to the bathroom we realized that in order to ensure the future of this legacy, we needed another child. A spare.

Acrylia invited over her long time friend and partner at work, Johnnie Johns.  He was an old man who obviously wasn't getting a lot of action, so it didn't take long for things to heat up.

In no time at all he agreed to impregnate her and they got busy.  

John was obviously very proud that he had slept with a woman so much younger than him, and really strut his stuff afterwards.  He played on the computer for all of 30 sim-minutes and fell over dead.  I'm beginning to think that Acrylia might be cursed or something.

And of course, this meant Acrylia was going to be miserable for her second and final pregnancy.  

Seeing as he died, this was understandable.  But then again, he seemed ecstatic after he and Acrylia conceived.

Acrylia decided to vomit all over her daughter's toy, and immediately thought about garbage when her bump appeared.  Someone's a wonderful mother.

This face was priceless, i had to take picture of it.  And off to the hospital we go...

Meet Opal Kapibarra: Possible Second Generation Heiress
Two Traits So Far:  Genius, Slob
Two birth's with the fertility treatment, and no multiples.  I thought for sure i was going to get twins this time around, not that I'm complaining.  Two young children is plenty for this single mother, as wonderful as she is.  Speaking of young children...

It was Silena's birthday the day after Opal arrived so I held a party.  Yes, I know i said I'd never do it again but at this point I had completely redone the house.  It was much more roomy, and no issues arose!  As you can probably tell, she was a little bit excited to grow up and go to school.

Here's Silena as a child.  To be completely honest, I liked her more as a toddler.  Oh well, we'll see what she's like as a teen.  The first thing she did when she grew up was roll a wish to drink plasma juice.  Her need bars and whatnot are still normal, but she can drink plasma now.  I used to love vampires in The Sims 2 but haven't played one in The Sims 3 yet.

By the way, I know I don't yet have any readers... but if you're reading this and you think any of my sims look interesting just comment and I can arrange a way to send a copy to you, at any life stage.  


  1. I think your legacy is very good so far :) And the facial expressions you catch are hilarious! Good work!

  2. arrrrr Silena is very cute! I love her eyes! Can't wait to see what Opal looks like as a toddler! P.S I've added you to my blogroll, could you add me to yours? thanks :)

  3. Thanks very much to both of you! and yeah sure, I'll visit your blog in a moment.


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