Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Generation 1.4

Once Acrylia stopped grieving, we realized it would be a good idea if she had another kid.  So once again, she was out hunting for potential fathers.  Things were going pretty well with Shannon Gleason.(He was rich too! :D)

She rolled a wish to meet someone new, so I sent her over to the Bachelor household.  But of course as soon as Sha Sha invites her inside, Acrylia decides to go in to labour.  She was much calmer than Sha Sha and just strolled over to the hospital.

She only had one child -kind of a good thing at this point, with only one adult in the house- and named her Silena, for her father.  Because of Silas' sudden death Acrylia was miserable her entire pregnancy so i didn't get to pick either of the traits.  I would have randomized them anyways, but she was given Loves The Outdoors and Virtuoso. 

She was ready to become a toddler not much later and Acrylia held a party at in their quaint little home.  I'll never do that again.  It was so cramped around Silena that her mother couldn't take her to the cake until some people left, complaining the entire time.  Notice the old fart in the second shot, does he look familiar?  Shannon Gleason turned old.  Back to square one for Acrylia.

Here she is as a toddler, and she's definitely a vampiress.  She got her mother's hair though.  Yay!

Sorry about the photo spam, but look at those eyes, and her fangs in the last photo.  It's kind of frightening but she's cute at the same time.  I am tempted to just take my chances and not have another kid...  hmmmmm.

Less then a day after Silena aged up Acrylia got an opportunity to gain a raise if she learned Martial Arts.  She fluttered off to "Shang Simla, China" immediately.  Oh, and if you haven't noticed already; there has been a glitch since i made her that she'll always randomly switch through her clothes.  Sometimes she sleeps in athletic, and changes in to her bathing suit after a shower.  This is what Acrylia was wearing when she arrived in China.  

Acrylia trained for most of the time she was there, and successfully got to level 4.  I think... :S

Eventually it was time to leave, and Acrylia turned in to an adult as soon as she got home.  Nothing special, she just morphed on a street corner.  'Twas a happy moment, but it reminded both of us we only have so long to bag another man.

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